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Why follow Lotus Gemology and AIGS?

Lotus Gemology: The report of choice for ruby, sapphire and spinel.

While Lotus Gemology is a relatively new laboratory, founded in 2014 in Bangkok, the legendary Hughes / Manorotkul trio is possibly the most influential gemological team of our time. Between their 1997 book Ruby & Sapphire, referred to as "The Bible" by traders, their prolific scientific publications (over 200 publications on Ruby, Sapphire and Spinel altogether), and their extensive research catalog of photography and photomicrographs, there is little doubt that this is the place to get your stone tested.

Lotus Gemology's founding team is composed of Richard W. Hughes (named one of the 50 most influential gemologists of all time by the Association Francaise de Gemmologie), Wimon Manorotkul (Former AIGS lab Director as well as a renowned gemological instructor and gifted photographer and microphotographer) , and their daughter, E. Billie Hughes (Internationally acclaimed photographer and microphotographer, a prolific writer published in a number of international journals such as The Wall Street Journal and industry specific publications such as InColor and Vlad Yavorskyy's Terra Spinel).

Should our explanation not convince you, learn more for yourself here.

Should you want to learn more about Lotus' publications follow this link.

Wondering what photomicrographs are? Check Lotus' Hyperion here.

AIGS: Emerald and other colored stone specialist

The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS), founded in 1978, was the first ever active international teaching institution for gemology in Asia. Based in Bangkok, the world's colored gemstone capital, it aims to provide both traders and the general public with a gemological education. Among traders, AIGS is seen as one of the leading educational institutes for colored gemstones.

AIGS is headed by Dr. Dietmar Schwartz, an authority on emeralds, an accomplished writer and seasoned gemologist. Dr, Scwartz was the head of research for the prestigious Gübelin laboratory for over two decades and authored the 1987 book Esmeralda, and the 2012 Geographic Origin Determination of Colored Gemstones among other. Today, both books are active references for both traders and researchers. (Sources for our information on AIGS can be found here).

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