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Stunning 1.31 cts Vivid Pink Mahenge Spinel in 18k White Gold and Diamonds Ring


Hey Loungers, 

What do you think of this lovely spinel ring?

The rich and vivid pink colour of this Mahenge, Tanzania, spinel is strengthened by the brilliance of the diamonds that surrounds it giving even more light than it would have in normal times!

If you don't remember seeing this gem in our store before, you can take a look at it here

This gem was mounted in order to rekindle the flame of a couple, a confirmation of their wedding vows of sort.

We are impatient to see the look on their faces when they'll open our famed AsiaLounges box and the smile that never fails to appear as the jewels are unveiled!

If you too wish to get a unique piece of Asia Lounges bespoke jewellery, you can contact us now by email at or place a message in the order form as you purchase one of our available gems online

As usual, this ring comes with a Lotus Gemology report and, for this occasion, our customer decided to go the extra step with Lotus Gemology Hard Cover report that you can discover on this very page!

See you in the Lounges, 


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