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The Angel Cut Spinel in 18k Pink Gold Earrings - Asia Lounges

The Angel Cut Spinel in 18k Pink Gold Earrings


Hey Loungers, 

Here is a new cute and oh so sweet pair of spinel earrings. 

For this collection, we are using natural, untreated and unpolished spinels from Myanmar (Burma). You read it right, these babies are rough!

The legend around these crystals is that while our planet was being formed angels descended upon the Earth and carved the rocks with their celestial blades in order to give these crystals their shapes. While the legend may or may not be true, depending on your beliefs I suppose, these are the shapes the crystals actually have as we get them out of the ground and have remained totally uncut and unpolished. 

Fancy a pair or two or have a variation made on that design? Contact us now at and we'll happily guide you through your next purchase!

See you in the Lounges,

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