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Tanzanian "Cognac"Malaya Garnet 7.94 cts


Hey Loungers, 

What do you think of this lovely 7.94 carats Cushion Shaped Tanzanian "Cognac" Malaya Garnet? 

This gem features a lovely orange color reminding that of the famed French liquor: the Cognac. This gems features a crystal of flawless quality is surely one of the cutest gems we have seen in a while!

More information about this Malaya Garnet:

Measurements: 12.20 x 10.10 x 7.20 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Tanzania

Color: Pinkish Orange (Known in the trade as Cognac colour)

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Cushion Shape

Weight: 7.94 carats

Gem Lab Report: IGL Bangkok #21561-1 dated 29/04/16

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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