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Candy like 1.42 cts Russian Emerald in 18k yellow gold and diamonds pendant

Candy like 1.42 cts Russian Emerald in 18k yellow gold and diamonds pendant


Hey Loungers, 

Some of you may have noticed that we have had a lot of fun playing with Russian emeralds of late! Besides the fact that they have a deliciously fruity colour, they have a sort of sheen that I had never seen before in other emeralds safe from Ethiopian material.

Many a dealer have mentioned that they somewhat ressemble the greener type of Paraiba tourmalines. I may not agree with their analysis but it is, regardless of analogies, a very dear colour to me. 

Anyhow, and getting back to the story of this particular pendant. I originally purchased this stone along with two others during the Bangkok gem show in 2022 thinking that, while i found them very cute, they ,may not sell due to their size and relative amount of inclusions compared to what I play with traditionally. 

Imagine my surprise when, every time I showed these to clients, they sold immediately! 

The story behind this project started as I was delivering another piece, an engagement bracelet with sapphires and diamonds, to some friends in Barcelona. As we were chatting about recent purchases, I nonchalantly took these emeralds out to tease the colour, with no real sales intent and boom! They immediately fell in love with the colour and decided to get this pendant done. 

Sharing the love of colour and gems is truly a special gift that I'll never tire from sharing with you all. 

Should you wish to know about the next pieces, stay tuned to our various social media accounts. 

See you in the Lounges 

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