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Delicious 3.06 cts Nigerian Mandarin Garnet - Asia Lounges

Delicious 3.06 cts Nigerian Mandarin Garnet


Hey Loungers, 

If you, like me, enjoy the citrussy freshness of Mandarin Garnets then this gem may be the one for you. 

While certainly not a flavour fitting everybody's palate, this delicious gem will prove to be a stunning center piece for your next piece of bespoke AsiaLounges jewellery.

Tempted? Want to know how to get it mounted the way you'd like it to be? Contact Simon now on WhatsApp at +66895103019

See you in the Lounges  

More information about this Mandarin Garnet:

Measurements: 10.1 x 7.7 x 4.6 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Nigeria

Color: Mandarin Orange

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Oval

Weight: 3.06 carats

Gem Lab Report: N/A

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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