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Stunning and wild 1.50 cts Vietnamese Cobalt Spinel in "Masai" platinum and diamonds ring


Hey Loungers, 

Today we are proud to showcase this unique "Masai" collection ring!

This ring was designed in accordance to our patron's wish to respect the wild and rare nature of this stunning flawless 1.50 carats vietnamese cobalt spinel. 

We decided to go with this Masai shield inspired design to highlight the fact that this ring was meant as a present from a husband to his wife and as a piece meant to protect the family investment through the ages. 

What could be more intemporal and fierce a symbol than the very shield and lance of the famous African nomadic warriors?

If you too wish to get a unique piece of jewellery made, contact us now by WhatsApp at +66895103019

See you in the Lounges, 



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