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Stunning Mahenge Malaya Garnet 2.80 cts - Asia Lounges

Stunning Mahenge Malaya Garnet 2.80 cts


Hey Loungers, 

This peachy color garnet originates from the now famous Tanzanian region of Mahenge. While extremely famous for its spinels, this area also produces some of the sweetest garnets currently available. This Malaya type garnet is highly prized and thought after by western high end jewelers. Will you let yourself be swayed by this lovely gem?

More information about this Aquamarine:

Measurements: 8.97 x 7.28 x 5.26 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Tanzania

Color: Peach / Pink

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Oval

Weight: 2.80 carats

Gem Lab Report: N/A

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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