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Sweet Congo Purplish Pink Tourmaline 4.93 cts


Hey Loungers, 

As we are posting this lovely gem, we are but a few days away from Valentine's Day and what better way could one find to express their love to one another than a lovely gem?

Here is this sweet purplish pink Congo tourmaline to propose! What a lovely ring or pendant this candy would make. 

Fancy learning more about what you could do with this gem?

Contact us now at and if the picture isn't enough for you to decide, take a look at this lovely video by our friends over at Arjuna Irsutti Photography:



More information about this Tourmaline:

Measurements: 9.75 x 9.60 x 7.57 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Congo

Color: Purplish Pink

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Antique Cushion

Weight: 4.93 carats

Gem Lab Report: Lotus Gemology Report # 4142-8316 Pin: 576333

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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