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The "Sun Shard" Mandarin Garnet 6.51 cts - Asia Lounges

The "Sun Shard" Mandarin Garnet 6.51 cts


Hey Loungers, 


Fourth and last entry of this Mandarin garnet collection, this gem is possibly our favorite.

Albeit clear clarity issues, the velvety appearance and rich orange hue turned this gemstone into a one of a kind! Contact us to see her "burning" under the sun light and understand why it has been nicknamed "The Sun Shard".

More information about this Mandarin Garnet:

Measurements: 11.78 x 9.85 x 6.86 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Nigeria or Namibia TBD

Color: Mandarin Orange 

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Cushion

Weight: 6.51 carats

Gem Lab Report: N/A

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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