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Elegant 6.79 cts Salmon Pink Nigerian Tourmaline - Asia Lounges

Elegant 6.79 cts Salmon Pink Nigerian Tourmaline


Hey Loungers, 

Have you been liking our tourmaline halo ring series so far? 

Imagine what this stunning gem could look like if mounted in similar fashion. Would be a real looker, right?

Prefer a more personal design? More trendy? More discreet? Let us know how you want it mounted and we will happily create a brand new design just for you!

Contact Simon on WhatsApp at +668958103019 to talk about it!

See you in the Lounges


More information about this Tourmaline:

Measurements: 13.2 x 10 x 7.6 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Nigeria

Color: Salmon Pink

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Oval

Weight: 6.79 carats

Gem Lab Report: N/A

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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