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Californian Peach Pink Tourmaline 1.50 cts - Asia Lounges

Californian Peach Pink Tourmaline 1.50 cts


Hi Loungers,

Possibly the cutest out of the lot of Californian tourmalines we have in store at the moment, this lovely peachy pink gemstone will no doubt remind the connoisseur of the sweet shades of the mighty padparadscha sapphire. Don't let her go away, she is a cute and rare gem indeed!

More information about this Californian Tourmaline:

Measurements: 6.99 x 6.30 x 4.91 mm

Treatment: Natural

Origin: U.S.A., California

Color: Peach Pink

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Antique Cushion

Weight: 1.50 carats

Gem Lab Report: AIGS Bangkok gemological report will be issued upon purchase, if requested

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