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Delicious Ice Blue Pear Shape Tourmaline 3.51 cts


Hey Loungers, 

What do you think of this lovely ice blue Namibian tourmaline?

With a colour reminiscing of cuprian tourmalines known as Paraiba tourmaline, this gem is truly a gem, among gems!

Whether as a pendant, brooch or as a ring, it'll turn out to be one impressive piece of jewellery for one very lucky lady!

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More information about this Tourmaline:

Measurements: 13.49 x 8.43 x 5.42 mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Namibia

Color: Blue Green

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Pear Shape

Weight: 3.51 carats

Gem Lab Report: Lotus Gemology Gold Report #6561-7976

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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