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Tanzanian, Mahenge, Neon Pink Spinel Pair 1.39 / 1.29 cts


Hey Loungers, 

This perfectly matched pair of neon pink Mahenge spinel would make for a succulent pair of hearings, don't you think?

Whether you match them with a second pair of gems, as we did with these spessartites and demantoid garnets, or as a stand alone bordered by diamonds, as it can be seen here with cobalt spinels, these gems will be the envy and center of attention every time you put them on!

Wait no more, hop on and feel free to ask Asia Lounges' team to help you come out with a cool design.



More information about this Spinel:

Measurements: 7.55 x 5.59 x 4.30 / 7.52 x 5.59 x 4.08  mm

Treatment: None

Origin: Tanzania

Color: Vivid Pinkish Red

Crystal: Transparent

Cut: Oval

Weight: 1.39 / 1.29 carats

Gem Lab Report: Lotus Gemology Hard Cover Report # 7898-9169  Pin # 178745

Photography by: Arjuna Irsutti

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