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A new series of ready made jewellery is about to arrive!

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Hey Loungers, 

As some of you may have seen from our Facebook page we have organised a pol asking whether you'd have us improve the website or make a series of ready made jewellery. 

You have voted and 55% of you have decided for the ready made jewellery

 And so we are currently in the process of making said set of nice and cute, open colour, Tourmaline rings

We are planning on unveiling the finished products by the second week of September as we'll visit the Cannes Yachting Festival with our buddies over at Margoulette!

We were thinking of basing our new collection on the design of one of our latest release but we are always open to suggestions! So feel free to let us know!

Hope to see you again real soon in the Lounges, in Europe or here in Bangkok should you decide to pay us a visit!

Asia Lounges


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