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Color types used by Asia Lounges, source and reference!

color color type lotus gemology ruby sapphire

Dear Loungers,

You might have heard of terms like Royal Blue, or Pigeon’s Blood Red, but are unfamiliar with the meaning or origins of these color names.

This post aims to introduce you to the color types that Asia Lounges will be using to describe our ruby and sapphire color types as well as to introduce you to the only gemological laboratory we will be featuring in these pages when it comes to ruby, sapphire, and spinel: Lotus Gemology.

By clicking on the Lotus Color Types image below, you will be able to read about and better understand the reason behind the names of each color category. You will also learn why we, at Asia Lounges, choose to send our stones to receive reports from Lotus Gemology’s laboratory.

 We hope you will enjoy discovering these color types. This article, along with our Follow the Lounge blog will help you understand our passion and help you take your first steps into the secret world of the gem trade. 


See you in the Lounges!


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