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The delicate journey of a gem or how a gemstone becomes a piece of jewelry.

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Hi Loungers, 

With "Journey through the Rough: The Making of a Gem" we discovered the very first step of the jewelry making process. Today, we'll see what happens when you contact the Creation Lounge in order to turn your dream piece of jewelry into a reality.

To this end we will follow Lotus Gemology's Billie Hughes' journey with our team.

Traditionally, there are two ways to start a jewelry project (either designing the piece of jewelry around a gem or, finding the gem that goes with a specific design). This time around, Billie asked us to come up with a design that would highlight her gemstones in the best possible way rather than hunting the gems on her behalf.


BIllie's Burmese Hot Pink Spinel

The very first stone Billie asked us to mount for her, a stunning Hot Pink spinel from Burma.


During our very first meeting, Billie came to us with her spinel. She had little knowledge of jewelry making, but a firm idea of what she desired: something elegant and classic. 

Upon discussing her ideas, tastes and discovering more about her personality, our team started to sketch a series of designs. The idea is simple: create a potential match for her style.

Soon after, her very first AsiaLounges ring was born! A stunning hot pink spinel ring arrived, the first of a long series of jewelry pieces we would be crafting on her behalf. 


Billie's Hot Pink spinel ring, the first in a long series of collaborations. 


This ring led to a more complex project: designing earrings to highlight a pair of cobalt blue Luc Yen spinels. While tiny in size, these cuties are beyond rare and command the utmost respect among connoisseurs for their covetable electric hue.

Billie's pair of Luc Yen Cobalt Blue Spinels

Billie's pair of stunning natural cobalt blue Luc Yen spinels


Originally, we discussed several design ideas, from slender, dangling earrings to classic studs, and a first batch of sketches was presented to the client. The hunt for the perfect design was on.


Elegant dangling drop designs for Cobalt spinel jewelry


We went from a modern adaptation of the classic diamond dangling style jewelry...


Classic adaptation of an ear stud design for cobalt spinel


...To the more contemporary stud designs influenced by renowned designer JAR


We discussed the pro and cons of each design, refining each model prior to selecting the one that would become the blueprint for the final product. Billie wanted a style that would be both wearable and still have a certain panache.

After several meetings and hours of discussion about design, size and style, we found our winner. Next we constructed a CAD (Computer Assisted Design), which is a three dimensional rendering of the piece.


CAD of the Cobalt Blue Spinel earring

This is the second version of the CAD for these earrings. 


The CAD gives us a realistic feel for the final product and also facilitates a more accurate cost estimate. The CAD is the last step before we create a wax model of the jewelry.

Upon receiving Billie's approval, of the CAD, we generated a wax model and had her verify that every detail was perfect. 

Few weeks later and for a fraction of the price that one would pay at home, the earrings came back from the workshop. The wait was finally over and we could enjoy the sight of these rare cobalt spinels mounted in 18k white gold.

Luc Yen Cobalt Spinels earrings on 18k white gold

The rare and desired gems finally came back mounted, the unreal effect of the cobalt spinels are finally on display.


If like Billie you too want your tailor made piece of jewelry made, contact us now!

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See soon in the Lounges, 



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