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Sporting the goods from our friends over at Lucy G Jewelry

Dear Loungers,

This week, and as reward for our thousandth visit on Asia Lounges' website, we propose you to discover the work of our friends over at Lucy G. Jewelry



Lucy G. Jewelry is a fairly recent brand of jewelry by the Italian designer Giuliana Loglisci. The concept is simple and fresh and we are convinced that you will enjoy the fruitiness of her concept! But why trust them? What makes Lucy G as a brand special and recommendable?



Giuliana, the designer and founder of the brand, is from a long line of Italian jewelers who, to this day, are considered to be among the most trustworthy jewelers and goldsmiths in Italy. Her family, the Loglisci, have first established business in Matera, South Italy, in 1899. 

Since then, the family business has grown by leaps and bounds. They have opened three shops in reputable part of Southern Italy and now, a brand: Lucy G. 

The brand, through the expert eyes of Giuliana proposes you some of the best jewelry with carefully selected gemstones at unbeatable price! 



Lucy G. proposes products in red ruby, blue, pink, yellow and orange sapphire, amethyst, tsavorite garnet and Paraiba tourmaline!



We let you discover some of their items and hope you will enjoy their work as much as we do! 



Feel free to browse through their collections at


See you soon in the Lounges, 

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