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Lounge Update October 2016

Hey Loungers, 

How have you been since Asia Lounges' last post on this blog?

As you may have seen since the last editions about Color Grades and Our Founder we have opened two new Blogs! 

The first one, Introduction to Gemology, is animated by Mr. Jeffery "Master" Bergman, from Primagem, and is an introduction to gemology. This blog provides you with general info and other "good to know" type tips that could, help you rule the local Tuesday Quizz, kidding, pave the road to more serious gemological studies. 

The second one, A gem dealer's Journal, is more of a guide through the maze that the gem world can sometimes prove to be. Simon and Asia Lounges team will put their experience to the test to help you navigate through the sea of terminology and other gem related technicalities and help you make the right choice for your gem purchases.

What's new on the gem front? 

Asia Lounges has a few surprises heading your way! The fall season is going to be an avalanche of cool new gems at unbeatable prices! The earliest releases are going to be ranging from cabochons emerald to lovely Mozambique rubies and Sri Lankan sapphires as well as cute little Burmese spinels! 

Last but not least, Asia Lounges "trick or treat" 10% discount will be on till the first week of November! Don't you miss it!

As usual, feel free to contact us directly should you have any specific question by sending us mail or by leaving a comment under this post.

See you soon in the Lounges!

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